Pappampatti sanitation cum biogas project

Pappampatti sanitation cum biogas project:

  • Number of beneficiaries – 200 families without a toilet, mainly women
  • Disease causing piggery waste properly treated with human toilet waste
  • Energy from waste for rural communities


1. Constructed 20 urine seperating toilets, 10 each for women and men. The facility has 2 bathrooms and urinals as well

2. The effluent from toilets will be fed in to a biogas digester with piggery waste to provide feedstock for the biogas. Biogas digester to be operational by end November 2014.
3. The biogas produced will be for the community to use

Future plans :

Construct second digester to treat raw sewerage from Pappampatti, which is now flowing in to river untreated


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