Conservation of marshes and wetlands of the middle Palnis

Conservation of marshes and wetlands of the middle Palnis and Improving Water-recharge of underground aquifers in the foothills of the Western Ghats

The water flowing east of the Palni Hills is a lifeline for farming and non agriculture based communities in three districts of Tamil Nadu.

The eucalyptus and wattle plantations of the early 1970’s are redundant now as the industries based on these raw materials have switched to chemical ingredients. But these are standing over 40,000 ha of former forest and grasslands, above 1800 mts, that were responsible for precipitating moisture bearing clouds.

The conservation of head water swamps and marshes are a must for rivers and streams that are seasonal and, if protected with appropriate vegetative restoration, can ensure communities with all-season water availability. A study by PHCC during 2002 showed that streams and marshes located close to the industrial plantations are drying up faster, that is much before the onset of summer.

The two broad objectives of the project are: 1. Conserving the wetlands and swamps along 2 streams flowing from the middle and upper Palnis to the Palar and the Porandalar Basins 2. Restoring the Tropical Dry Evergreen Forests on the foothills and plains of the Palni Hills


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