Documentary Preview: Water Courses in the veins

We’re really excited to present to you a preview from Water Courses in the veins’, a documentary series from PHCC that shows you some of the flora and fauna found around the Palani Hills. If you’re a nature lover, this documentary will give you an eye-opening snapshot of the astounding biodiversity found in Kodaikanal.
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Shot during the rains of August 2012, this documentary is the first in a part of a series that shows life’s dependence on the water-cycle. There’s no canned commentary, except subtitles to give you the the vocabulary to describe some of the species found around Kodaikanal. Have you ever seen the Grey-headed Canary Fly Catcher, Indian Silverbill, Oriental-white-eye, White-browed Wagtail, or a herd of Indian Gaur, protecting a young calf?  There’s much to appreciate in the sounds of the rains, streams, birds, and habitat, here in the crest of the Palani Hills.

Much is expressed in the visuals – starting with that of a Common Kingfisher perched on a plastic-water bottle floating on the Kodaikanal lake. This documentary also sheds light on some of the pitfalls of a tourism economy that encroaches on their habitat.

Alcedo Attthis - Common Kingfisher.

Shot by PHCC Member Arvind on a Panasonic HC-V700 camera, it was edited with cinelerra on an Asus work-station. Arvind has released this video on a copy-left notice, which means that you are free to distribute this entire presentation, or parts of it, for non-commercial use, provided the source and PHCC is acknowledged.

PHCC will be releasing this documentary soon on DVD and for download online. Please contribute to, and support community endeavours.

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