Father K.M. Matthew Environmental Centre and Dr. Rachel Reuben Arboretum

Father K.M. Matthew Environmental Centre and Dr. Rachel Reuben Arboretum at foot hills.

Mammals Found In the Palni Hills

1    Elephant            Aanai            Elephas maximus 2    Gaur                Kattueruma        Bos gaurus 3    Sambar            Periya Maan        Cervus unicolor 4    Barking Deer            Kela Aadu        Muntiacus muntjak 5    Mouse Deer            Kooran            Tragulus hylocrius 6    Nilgiri Thar            varariaadu        Hemitragus […]

Scientists weigh in on humanity’s greatest existential threats

We’re living in epochal times – the last 11,700 years, known as the Holocene have been really good for humans, who grew from a population of 1 billion in early 1800s to more than 7 billion at present. The present epoch, known as the Anthropecene highlights humanity’s growth and subjugation of all land-based life. The […]

What’s killing the bees? PHCC’s apiary expert provides a first-person account

I tagged along as a translator with a three students from St. Olaf, USA, who were interested in interviewing PHCC’s resident apiary expert – Kariammal in Thandikudi. He’s a skilled hand at this craft, having received hands-on training on apiary management, with experience in grafting and propagation of bee-hive-in-a-box kits across the region. He was a […]

Forest loss around the Palani Hills conservation area in Tamil Nadu

Useful tool to track global forest change anywhere in the world

This interactive map will let you track loss of forest cover in any part of the world, including the Palani Hills. It’s been derived out of earth observation satellite data by researchers at University of Maryland, Google, and the US Geological Survey. The data for the map comes from the Landsat program, the longest continuously […]

Documentary Preview: Water Courses in the veins

We’re really excited to present to you a preview from ‘Water Courses in the veins’, a documentary series from PHCC that shows you some of the flora and fauna found around the Palani Hills. If you’re a nature lover, this documentary will give you an eye-opening snapshot of the astounding biodiversity found in Kodaikanal. Shot […]