• Greetings from the Palni Hills!

    Headquartered in Kodaikanal, we’re a core group of ecologists, environmentalists, botanists, wildlife enthusiasts and proponents of sustainable development with supporting staff ranging from beekeepers to water chemists.

  • Plant Nurseries for Native Species

    PHCC facilitates growing and propogation of appropriate plant species for different landscapes ranging from arid scrub to wet temperate forests

  • Matthew Environment Center

    Serve as a centre for learning eco restoration of dry deciduous forest and give education for all to understand, native shrubs, creepers and trees through Reuben Arboretum and Butterfly Garden for buy shrubs , creepers and tree seedlings.

  • Alternative Minimum Management Techniques for cerana bees

    Hands-on Training on Bee Keeping with site specific management solution for colony conservation and through Queen Rearing at village level using local resources.

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